Finalists for the Young Composers Competition

The time has finally arrived for us to announce the finalists in this year’s Young Composers Competition, and we’re sure that you’ll be just as excited about the results as we are.

Over the past two months, your pieces have been judged by a team of five very successful composers. This year we received over 2000 entries, and slowly we began to narrow it down. Here, we will release the names of the 32 competitors who made it through to become finalists. The pieces belonging to these people will be re-listened to, and on the 20th of December we will post the names of those who won the overall competition. Also on that day, we will email all contestants with the judges’ marks and comments on their piece.

Without further ado, here are the finalists for this year:

Stylianos Dimou
Brendan Bevan
Wang Yeong-Jin
Diana Arcos Vilanova
Renata Bramley-Oakes
Hei lam Hanley Chan
Sam Woombley
Cooper Myers
Iskender Ocak
William Peacock
Jonathan Shaw
Nathanael Gubler
Axelle Gauthier
Veronika Drobnić
Hector Vallotton
William B. Bennett
Natalia Biasotto
Sarah Du
Lalana Ahunai
Weston McCurry
Nina Shekhar
Ivan Lazorin
Vivienne Hall
Yi-Ting Lu
Lily Dawson
Yuna Kurachi
Narcía Albalà
Blaire Ziegenhagel
Alexander Watson
Tom Phung
Ashley Stitt
Jesse Webb

Congratulations to all who entered, every score we listened to was absolutely outstanding, and it was incredibly hard to decide on just 32. And a very well done to everyone on this list, for making it this far in the competition. Best of luck for when the results come out.

In other news, all entries for our Annual Rudolph Award have now closed, and the results for that will be announced on Christmas.

Good luck!!
The Young Composers Team



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