The 2017 Annual Rudolph Award

As well as producing the renowned Young Composers Competition, the Young Composers Team also introduces a series of other smaller competitions each and every year. And with the closing date of the Young Composers Competition arriving in just 2 weeks, its time to open another offer for all the youthful composers out there to shine.

The ARA (or Annual Rudolph Award) is currently entering its second year, simply due to the success it had in 2016. In this contest, composers from all around the world, under the age of 25, are invited to submit a short piece (no longer than 4 minutes) that is inspired by the thought of Christmas. Entries open on the 7th of October, and close on the 30th of November 2017. On the 25th of December, the prize will be awarded to the composer whose piece is not only the nicest to listen to, but also the most reminiscent of Christmas.

Before submitting the registration form (scroll down), please read through the following Terms and Conditions:

0.0 Registration restrictions
0.1 Anyone aged 25 or under (by December 31st, 2017) is hereby declared eligible to register for the competition.
0.2 People of all countries and languages across the world are eligible to register for the competition.
0.3 Entrants under the age of 18 will require confirmation from a parent or guardian when submitting the registration form.
0.4 Registrations are only open between October 7th and November 30th. Any registrations submitted after that point will not be counted, and therefore will not be charged the standard registration fee (see 1.0).

1.0 Registration fees
1.1 The Annual Rudolph Award has a standard registration fee of €10, which must be payed directly before or after submitting the registration form.

2.0 Form of Entry
2.1a All entries to the competition will close on November 30th, giving contestants two months to enter their piece.
2.1c The selected winner of the award will be announced on December 25th, along with several honourable mentions. At this time, they will also receive an email with download instructions for their prizes (see below).
2.2 In order to submit a qualified entry, one must send in their score in two forms. First, they are asked to submit an audio file of the piece. This can be live recorded, digitally produced, or any blend of the two. Secondly, we also ask you to submit a score of the piece, in PDF form. Both of these files must be uploaded to the entrant’s registration form.
2.3 There is no set instrumentation for this competition. All entries are accepted, from piano solos to large orchestral pieces. Participants are recommended to follow whatever instrumentation suits them best.

3.0 Prizes
3.1 Prizes will be sent out to the award winner by December 31st, 2017, at latest.
3.2 In this competition there are no cash prizes. Instead, the main prize will include the following:
FULL Native Instruments Symphony Series String Ensemble (517.46)
FULL Native Instruments The Gentleman Piano (107.04)
FULL Cubase Pro 9 (100.92)
3.3 In total, the prizes for the Annual Rudolph Award add to €725.42.

4.0 Disqualification
4.1 Disqualification of your piece will occur if
a) it has been entered after the deadline on November 30th.
b) the audio file and score do not match the same piece.
c) you have not payed the standard registration fee.
4.2 If your piece is disqualified and you did not do any of these, please contact us immediately.

5.0 Submitting Your Entry
5.1 Within 48 hours of paying the standard registration fee, you will receive an email from us confirming your payment. If you don’t receive this email, or you have trouble submitting your piece, don’t hesitate to email us.

And finally, the registration form itself. Click here to enter in the competition.


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